Modern Systems Launches Modernization Platform as a Service (ModPaaS™) on AWS Marketplace

Dallas, Texas – (September 11, 2018) — Modern Systems, a leader in application modernization, today announced availability of its new Modernization Platform as a Service (ModPaaS™) on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. ModPaaS is a cloud-based platform that allows customers and partners to analyze and modernize their legacy application systems in a collaborative manner.

Traditional modernization projects are typically characterized by vendors using specialized migration tools, while customers tend to place their focus on testing, operations and business subject matter expertise. However, newer modernization approaches, such as an incremental shift to cloud-native microservices, require increased customer involvement. Breaking down monolithic workloads into microservices is a complex task requiring a deep level of analysis, planning, and hands-on domain expertise.

ModPaaS gives customers access to Modern Systems-developed modernization solutions “as a service” on AWS. It can be used in a self-service manner, with assistance from Modern Systems’ modernization specialists, or in a fully-managed approach similar to traditional project engagements.

With ModPaaS, customers can analyze mainframe legacy code, understand interrelationships, complexity, dependencies and mine business rules, all essential activities for complex modernization projects.

ModPaaS allows organizations to benefit from the following features:

  • Attain a comprehensive assessment of existing legacy applications.
  • Categorize objects and applications to determine disposition options and drive ongoing modernization initiatives with varying levels of assistance.
  • Trace and isolate COBOL-based business rules that can be reused for reengineering initiatives.
  • Select and extract code for modernization. For example, code can be selected that is specific to the UI layer or data access objects to advance microservices development efforts.

“Technical debt remains a gating factor for customers who want to modernize, especially towards the cloud,” said Brandon Edenfield, president and CEO, Modern Systems. “Organizations need modernization approaches for their operations, infrastructure, and ultimately their application source code and data before they can ever begin to take advantage of sophisticated cloud features. We first provide customers with a complete analysis of their environment in order to determine the correct disposition strategy. This approach helps customers optimize their businesses for the short- and long-term.”

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About Modern Systems

Modern Systems is a leading provider of application modernization services, with more than 200 modernization projects completed worldwide during the past 30 years, and more than one billion lines of code processed through our tools. Modern Systems is a global provider of modernization solutions for legacy application source code, data, and platform transformations. Our combined resources, technologies and global reach makes us one of the largest independent legacy application modernization companies in the world.

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