Modern Systems Meets Major Project Milestone with US Media Company

Modern Systems and a large US-based media organization have been engaging in the conversion of a massive legacy system responsible for order management and billing. The system consisted primarily of COBOL and VSAM, and our customer wished to migrate away from the mainframe to a modern environment running Java with Oracle DB.

The primary drivers for the modernization were common- a desire to reduce support costs, a diminishing talent pool, and an inability to integrate the existing legacy system with other core business elements. Our customer also wanted to ensure like-for-like functionality, meaning our Automated COBOL Conversion solution was a perfect fit.

Recently, one of our customer’s majors goals, having their batch cycle processing with the current date and into their daily schedule, was met. In fact, they were able to run their largest job without any troubles on the target date, a huge victory. While internal testing continues, major project milestones are consistently meeting and often exceeding time, scope, and budget expectations. Soon, the firm will be in a position to shut down their mainframe completely and retire big iron.

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