Modern Systems offers eav® File Converter for Archiving Mainframe Files

Eav enterprise application viewer

Dallas, TX – (September 23, 2019) — Modern Systems, a leader in legacy application modernization, today announced eav® File Converter, a new utility for converting mainframe files.

Traditionally, organizations have been forced to maintain legacy applications in order to retain critical historical data. There is often a good business reason behind this need to have access to legacy data, particularly in light of various policy-based requirements for data retention and to comply with industry regulations across different industries.

However, keeping obsolete systems alive in an effort to just view the data can put a real strain on cost and resource. These legacy applications steadily consume maintenance, staffing and data center costs, and in many cases can represent more than half of an organization’s overall IT budget.

Data archival during application decommissioning is a cost-effective and simple solution for keeping legacy data accessible for continuation of the business.  However, a key challenge in data archiving off of a mainframe lies in the ability to set and convert mainframe files. In the past, organizations have been known to spend hundreds or thousands of hours setting up and converting mainframe files from EBCDIC to ASCII for storage off-mainframe.

In some situations, organizations choose to not convert and move the legacy files. This approach can introduce significant risk to the organization when stakeholders such as auditors, shareholders and others eventually need access to the data.

Modern Systems’ solution allows files to be moved quickly but that can be easily converted on-demand if the files are ever needed.

eav File Converter is a fast and thorough solution for customers to archive flat, sequential and GDG files.  Customers may select hundreds or thousands of mainframe files for archive.  Modern Systems’ macro tooling allows customers to quickly move the files from the mainframe without change. Our eav File Converter lets users have access to on-demand viewing and conversion of any of the re-located files at any point in the future.

  • Viewer: Open EBCDIC files or ASCII files and view content with associated copybooks
  • Validator: Validate contents of EBCDIC file based on COBOL copybook format
  • Convertor: Convert EBCDIC files to ASCII files or create delimited ASCII file to be used in loading relational databases
  • Loader: Load SQL Server database from delimited file based on XML information

The migration syntax for up to 5,000 files can be generated almost instantly using the Modern Systems macro utility.  On the mainframe, the data is formatted as EBCIDC and the data remains EBCDIC in its off-mainframe state.  The Modern Systems eav File Converter allows on-demand dynamic conversion from EBCIDC to ASCII for easy viewing of single records, and allows setup to associate copybooks to files so that entire files can be converted to ASCII with a single click.  With the copybook association, any type of data (packed, binary, etc.) is correctly presented and converted on-demand whenever viewing of the record or file is required.

Modern Systems was recently named a leader by Forrester in the analyst firm’s report, Application Modernization & Migration Services, Q1, 2019.

About Modern Systems

Modern Systems is a leading provider of application modernization services, with more than 500 modernization projects completed worldwide during the past 35 years, and 2.5 billion lines of code processed through our tools. Modern Systems is a global provider of modernization solutions for legacy application source code, data, and platform transformations.

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