Modern Systems One of Ten Companies CIOs Want to Follow

Legacy Modernization Company Makes List Among Disruptive Tech, Startup Firms

modern systems, legacy modernizationBusiness platform MeetAdvisors has named Modern Systems one of 10 Companies You Want to Follow.  MeetAdvisors, often described as a “Yelp for Business,” is a platform designed to connect consumers or businesses with IT needs to reputable providers.  Providers are hand-picked by MeetAdvisor analysts, then interviewed and evaluated against a set of criteria before being added to the platform.  Providers get more attention and visibility on the platform based on a ratings system controlled by users.

“There are a number of innovative, disruptive companies on this list, people using technology to change entrenched business models,” says Rick Oppedisano, Modern Systems VP of Marketing.  “The work we do is just as impactful.  We help companies change the way they develop and maintain core functionality- which eventually affects customer experience and internal efficiencies.”

About Modern Systems

Legacy systems have become prohibitive to large enterprises.  High costs, risk around resource availability and limitations around data integration compromise competitive advantage.  Our solutions resolve these concerns, empowering customers to extend core applications and services.

Modern Systems empowers IT efficiency, agility and competitive advantage through core application modernization. Our solutions facilitate the transition from legacy systems to modern environments that leverage cloud, data warehousing, business intelligence and agile development methodologies.  We have worked with well-known brands such as Walmart and Volvo and with our recent merger now completed, Modern Systems has emerged as the world’s go-to modernization company.



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