Modern Systems Partners with UST Global to Launch Progressive Transformational ‘Modernization Lab’ for Enterprise Customers in Silicon Valley

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Aliso Viejo, California, March 23, 2017 — UST Global has just announced that they will launch an evolutionary ‘Modernization Lab’ in Silicon Valley, California, in May of 2017. Most enterprise applications have significant amount of legacy software that makes it difficult to expand their business effectively. The Modernization Lab provides an technology ecosystem, where enterprises can validate on a wide range of leading edge technology choices to determine which option is optimal The Lab will fuse the advanced capabilities of UST Global along with a number of startups and partners, transforming legacy technology applications into next-gen solutions. By converting consumer grade experiences into relevant enterprise applications using UX/UI in a tech agnostic lab within a future-proofed ecosystem, the Lab ensures they are ready for customer engagements.

UST Global’s Modernization Labs will unite their expertise in innovative IT & Digital Transformation, with cutting edge companies, like Modern Systems who will bring their advanced technological capabilities and engineering excellence and Moonraft’s creative yet Generation Z friendly designs. Working together, we will accelerate the modernization of current and legacy applications using deep learning, best in class user experiences and technology stack for enterprises, while offering a wide range of value based platforms, creative frameworks, adding startups and partners, and expert user insight across multiple domains. The Modernization Labs will engage with UST’s worldwide network of Infinity Labs, our Innovation labs, to deliver “Everything Innovation” to current and future clients in Retail, Healthcare, BFSI, CYBERPROOF™ Security, and Telecom.

Sajan Pillai, CEO of UST Global stated, “We believe this new era offers endless opportunities to those who have the courage to replace what is with what if and what can be with what should be. The present and the future belong to such businesses. UST Global is investing in Modernization Labs and realize our vision to bring tremendous value to our clients, and their customers, with startups and partners, in our state of the art labs.”

Kuruvilla Mathew, Chief Innovation Architect at UST Global, said, “We are excited to creatively assist leading organizations make the transition from traditional IT applications to modern enterprise applications in our Modernization Labs along with our partners Modern Systems and Moonraft. Together, we generate a collaborative and progressive approach to digital transformation that is human-centric, innovative and transparent, which allows us to provide value based solutions at an accelerated pace.”

About UST Global

UST Global is a leading digital technology services company that provides powerful solutions for Global 1000 companies. UST Global’s mission is to lead companies through critical digital transformations to drive higher business value. UST Global specializes in six next generation digital services – design, cyber security, mobile, social, analytics and cloud. Powered by the mantra ‘fewer clients, more attention’, UST Global strives for excellence in providing their clients high quality services and a commitment to long-term success. Headquartered in Aliso Viejo, California, UST Global has over 17,000 associates and operates in 25 countries, across four continents.

For more information, please visit www.ust-global.com

About Modern Systems

Modern Systems, (NASDAQ: MDSY) solves enterprise problems specific to legacy technology and mainframe modernization. Modern Systems unique technology helps customers reduce cost around existing mainframe applications, integrate legacy data with modern platforms, and reduce risk around migrating to new target states. Modern Systems approach achieves customer goals faster and more effectively than any other solution on the market. With the successful completion of over 250 application modernization projects over the past 30 years, Modern Systems brings their unique industry driven expertise to legacy modernization by merging their broad-based modernization experience with flexible solutions.
For more information, please visit www.modernsystems.com

About Moonraft

Moonraft is a digital design & innovation firm based out of Seattle & Bangalore. With over 50+ clients across industries like Banking & Financial Services, Manufacturing, Automobile, Telecom etc., Moonraft helps in advancing human experience through design-driven innovation. A unique integrated approach bringing together Design, Art & Technology, enables them to drive business innovations with differentiating customer experience. Moonraft’s design experiences are being consumed by more than 100+ million users globally and have been recognized by industry experts like FastCo Design & IxDA.
For more information, please visit www.moonraft.com

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