Modern Systems Wraps Up Successful POC With Large US Distributor

Modern Systems Wraps Up Successful POC With Large US Distributor

Modern Systems just wrapped up a successful proof of concept (POC) for a large distributor in the United States. The objectives of the POC were to:

  • Test the converted code for functional equivalence between the original COBOL and the newly produced Java
  • Test the connection to the data
  • Understand the deployment requirements for the converted code including any third party components
  • Understand the support and maintenance requirements of the converted code
  • Understand their resource requirements for the full modernization project

Next, Modern Systems will perform an Assessment of the entire environment. A Mainframe Assessment includes full definition of the goals and areas of concentration prior to data collection. Modern Systems uses DB-Shuttle® automation technology to perform a very detailed, targeted assessment of the entire mainframe application environment. This assessment provides the ability to fully define a modernization project plan including assignments, responsibilities, timeframes, and costs. This service:

  • Ensures business rules and technical use cases are documented
  • Ensures no critical requirements or functionality are left out of the target state design
  • Includes option selection analysis and cost modeling for modernization roadmap
  • Saves time and money by using automated technologies

Armed with peace of mind and a demonstration of Modern Systems’ capabilities, our client can move to the next phase of their modernization with confidence. If your company is interested in modernization, but not sure where to start, get in touch with us today and learn about POCs and phased modernizations that reduce risk, cost, time, and headaches.

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