The Modernization Journey of Mainframe-Based Applications to Cloud Native Microservices

Transforming mainframe monolithic applications to cloud native microservices

Microservices are a design architecture goal of any cloud native application. Once viewed as an approach leveraged by only internet-focused companies developing “born in the cloud” applications, a microservices architecture is now a goal of any enterprise aiming to increase scalability and speed to market while reducing development costs.

The path when considering legacy modernization, adapting existing mainframe monolithic systems to a microservices architecture is a much more complex challenge.

In This Whitepaper We Will:
mainframe, assessment, analysis, understanding
  • Describe the key attributes and benefits of a microservices based architecture
  • Investigate the challenges facing customers who wish to migrate mainframe monolithic applications to a microservices based architecture
  • Describe a proposed incremental transformation journey for mainframe monolithic applications to cloud native microservices

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