Moving to Microsoft: Mainframe Assessment Kicks Off Modernization Journey

A nation-wide automotive repair company has selected Modern Systems to begin their journey from a legacy mainframe environment running COBOL, CICS, and VSAM to a modern environment harnessing the power of C# and SQL Server. As in all smart modernization plans, this one begins with our mainframe assessment service. Once complete, Modern Systems will perform a proof of concept, demonstrating the performance and maintainability of the C# code produced by our Automated Conversion solution. In combination, these two activities will maximize project efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate the potential for scope-creep.

Modern Systems’ Mainframe Assessment Services

A Mainframe Assessment is a method of understanding existing program and script components of a mainframe environment before deciding how to perform a modernization (Automated Conversion, Replatforming, Tool-Assisted Reengineering, or Portfolio Optimization) project. A Mainframe Assessment includes full definition of the goals and areas of concentration prior to data collection. Modern Systems uses DB-Shuttle® automation technology to perform a very detailed, targeted assessment of the entire mainframe application environment. This assessment provides the ability to fully define a modernization project plan including assignments, responsibilities, time frames, and costs.

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