Natural Application Modernization


Maintain Natural syntax while
modernizing infrastructure and data tier.

The Application Transparency Platform® (ATP®) is the best Natural replatforming and ADABAS conversion solution that provides an end-to-end strategic pathway for lower licensing costs, higher productivity, and full preservation of legacy assets and business rules. As an alternative to the re-engineering and conversion solutions available for Natural and ADABAS, ATP dramatically reduces the time frame for the replacement cycle and accelerates return on investment.

The ATP process begins with ADABAS conversion into the relational database of your choice — DB2, SQL Server, or Oracle — and processes Natural applications using ATP Language (ATPL™) on Windows. The ADABAS conversion is automated. ATP® enables Natural replatforming seamlessly from the mainframe environment to a more economical and more robust ATP® environment, thus reducing maintenance/licensing fees and mainframe workload. Since ATP® interprets and executes each Natural command, the Natural applications can execute against the new relational database without changes to the Natural syntax.

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  • Reduce or eliminate mainframe costs with a short-term project that provides fast ROI
  • Eliminate expensive maintenance/license fees
  • Retain your Natural applications, expertise and skilled teams
  • Upgrade your technology and computing platform without impacting your business
  • Replace Adabas with industry-standard easy-to-access relational databases
  • Add off-the-shelf RDBMS reporting, query and business intelligence tools

Automated Natural Conversion

Converts codebase from Natural to modern Java or C# while maintaining business logic.
Great for applications that need minimal feature or capability extension.

Automated Code Conversion delivers a modern application and data tier with 100% like-for-like functionality as compared to the legacy application, based on fully maintainable open systems. We use our proven migration technologies to convert applications from Natural to COBOL, Java, or C#.

Automated Natural Conversion:

  • Uses mainframe applications as the basis for new off-mainframe applications
  • Produces object-oriented applications that are easy for your C# and Java teams to maintain and enhance
  • Produces easily maintainable COBOL, familiar to mainframe developers but without the licensing headaches of Natural
  • Focuses on fast and accurate code conversion that guarantees like-for-like functionality
  • Great for applications moving from Natural to COBOL, Java, or C#, with minimal capability extension planned

The Automated Conversion process takes Natural source code and generates fully functional web applications. The process requires no “post modernization” manual fixes – the code generated is ready for deployment and maintenance.

Prior the Natural conversion, the ADABAS to Relational mapping must be determined. This mapping can be changed by editing a matrix (generated by the Modern Systems Modernization Tool) or by using the Modern Systems DDM Editor. Changes to the Default Model include denormalizing fields, placing fields in different tables, different column names, functions to build field values, etc.

The new code has the original Natural source embedded in it as comments, making it easy to find business logic when one is familiar with the structure of the application. The code is pure Java®, C#, or COBOL code and object-oriented conversions are maintained by use of Microsoft Visual Studio (.NET) or through any of the Java IDEs now widely available such as Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans, etc. The full functionality of the IDE can be used to refactor, replace, rename etc.

The Modern Systems Migration Tool emits modern web pages in the form of Java Server Pages (JSP) or Active Server Pages (ASP .NET) that implement the user interface. There is one page for each map and one page for each INPUT statement in the application that does not use a map. The JSP pages use a Custom Tag Library, and the ASP pages use a Custom Control (ASCX) to implement the functionality of Natural’s map processor. During the modernization process, the maps are also emitted as XML documents, one document per map. Each XML document contains the entire map in simplified form which provides a repository for tools that operate on maps. One of these tools is the Modern Systems Map Editor. This utility enables editing of maps in a comfortable drag-and-drop setting that is superior to the original Natural Map Editor. Developers can move items around the screen by dragging them, double click on an item to set attributes, set a customer renderer for a field such as drop-down list or date picker, or write a customer renderer.

The automated conversion solution also addresses the replacement of the utilities that are typically part of existing mainframe environments, including Entire Operations, Entire System Server, EntireX, Natural Construct, Natural Security, and Com-plete.

Default Data Model Example

natural conversion

Tool-Assisted Reengineering

Extend capabilities of modernized applications to include web services, APIs and more.

The Modern Systems reengineering solution generates fully web-based applications to replace current Natural processing. Whether reengineering Natural to .NET or to Java, the result is a fresh set of new web applications that take full advantage of web processing while providing the same basic functionality as the existing Natural applications. With our tool-based reengineering of Natural to C# or Java, any former database or file access is replaced with object processing against the relational database of choice.

After the project is complete, the new C# and Java applications are maintained in Visual Studio, Eclipse, or any other standard IDE. The new relational database can be from an ADABAS database conversion, a purchased relational database, or a relational database designed from scratch. The new application is native to Java or .NET, has a very small code footprint (like Natural), and can include buttons, pull-downs, hyperlinks, gridviews, and other web features. In addition, the new data access methods are easily used "as a service" by other applications.

Modern Systems can provide the Natural tool-assisted reengineering as a service, or our customers can use the eavRPM® tool suite to perform the reengineering project in their own time frame, implementing their own standards, and following their own specifications for look and feel in the new .NET and Java applications.

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