New Modern Systems Tech for Oracle DRDA Tackles Mainframe Cost, Integration

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (Marketwired – September 23, 2013) – ORACLE OPEN WORLD – Modern Systems (NASDAQ: MDSY), the global leader in legacy language and database translation, announced new Oracle DRDA software and services that dramatically reduce costs of mainframe DB2 deployments and remove the risk of integrating legacy data with modern Oracle Database 12c environments.

The new technology was developed in conjunction with Oracle’s technical architecture team in support of Oracle Database Provider for DRDA. The Oracle DRDA service linked to this technology:

  • Reduces MIPS associated with DB2 processing
  • Liberates legacy data for Business Intelligence and “Big Data” Analytics efforts
  • Delivers the benefits of data tier integration without risk of adjusting legacy application codebase
  • Uses unique technology developed by Modern Systems in conjunction with Oracle
  • Extends Oracle’s market reach into legacy mainframe platforms running DB2
More on Oracle DRDA:

A microsite with additional Oracle DRDA service benefits and details is available at: https://oracledrda.bphx.com.

“This is cost reduction and integration for legacy systems at the lowest possible risk,” says Rick Oppedisano, Modern Systems Vice President of Product R&D and Marketing. “With Oracle DRDA, the risk of adjusting legacy application codebases is removed. There is no migration, no service or transaction interruption. This is pure integration achieved through unique technology developed in partnership with Oracle.”

Oracle’s technical architecture teams collaborated with Modern Systems to automate translation and integration of DB2 SQL commands and Oracle SQL commands. “The difference between DB2 SQL syntax and Oracle SQL syntax is not trivial,” adds John Regan, Modern Systems Vice President of Service Delivery. “The ability to identify these gaps and automate their alignment is key to success.”

“The flexibility of Modern Systems’ Legacy Modernization services creates value in many different ways,” adds Oppedisano. “Adding this capability was a natural way to extend our partnership with Oracle, innovate and maintain leadership in our space.”

With Modern Systems’ Legacy Modernization Services, customers can:

  • Reduce MIPS and Overall Mainframe Cost By 50%
    Modern Systems’ Batch off Mainframe service leverages off-mainframe processing power to significantly reduce batch processing cost.
  • Unlock Legacy Data, Get the Big Picture
    Businesses are looking to make better decisions based on data, but can be hampered by legacy systems. Modern Systems’ Database Modernization services enable companies to integrate legacy databases like IDMS with SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle.
  • Modernize legacy COBOL, Natural, CA Gen apps and legacy ADABAS, VSAM and IDMS databases
    Modern Systems’ Automated Conversion technology is the only solution on the market that guarantees 100% business logic and functionality match between the source and target environments. This empowers customers to keep the best of their legacy system while moving to a modern codebase and infrastructure. This service translates legacy languages like Natural, CA Gen and COBOL to Java or C#- and legacy IDMS, ADABAS and VSAM to DB2, SQL Server, and Oracle.
  • Use Maintainable Code
    Our Automated Conversion tools generate clean, maintainable Java and or C# code. This approach reduces project risk and gives the customer freedom of choice — for their architecture, data tier and physical infrastructure.

For more on Modern Systems, research, whitepapers and case studies, see the company’s website at modernsystems.com.

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