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Modern Systems Corporation Continues Merger Progress, Secures New Debt Financing

Modern Systems Corporation, an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of BluePhoenix Solutions, Ltd. (NASDAQ: MDSY), provided an update on the expected timing of its proposed merger with Sophisticated Business Systems, Inc. (ATERAS) and announced new debt financing from Comerica Bank.

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Modern Systems Completes Legacy Modernization Initiative with Moorcroft DRG

Modern Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Phoenix, LTD (NASDAQ: MDSY), one of the largest legacy modernization companies in the world, today announced the successful completion of its project with Moorcroft Debt Recovery Group, a leading UK-based financial services firm. The application modernization initiative, which was completed in 24 months, leveraged a three-phase approach, which provided incremental business value at each step in the process. The modernized application allows for greater integration flexibility, increased productivity and visibility into the company and generated savings upwards of $300,000 annually.

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7 Best Practices for Application Modernization

Landmark modernization project with Desjardins General Insurance Group profiled by Insurance Networking News for Best Practices.

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BluePhoenix Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results

BluePhoenix Solutions Ltd. (NASDAQ: MDSY) today announced second quarter 2014 results.

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BluePhoenix, ATERAS Agree To Merger, Create ‘Modern Systems’

Strategic merger will create one of world’s largest modernization firms.

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BluePhoenix to Announce Second Quarter 2014 Results on Thursday, August 14, 2014

BPHX will report its 2014 second quarter financial results on Thursday, August 14, 2014.

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North American Technology Provider Converts IDMS to Oracle on Linux

A North American technology provider made a strategic decision to reduce the current and future application support, infrastructure, and operational costs associated with their IDMS-DC, COBOL, and ADS/Online applications. The applications in scope manage and integrate hundreds of very complex systems for a group of related businesses. The company’s goals were achieved by engaging Modern Systems for a conversion to an Oracle relational database and the Dell TPE/BPE environment on Linux which addressed both the online and batch processing requirements. The initial assessment performed by Modern Systems found 37,500 components in the application inventory with only 2,300 actually in use. All of the multi-lingual programming code was automatically converted to run as COBOL on the Linux server in the Dell TPE/BPE environments.

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North American Rail Company Migrates CA-IDMS to SQL Server

In order to address escalating software costs and a declining pool of talented support staff a North American rail company made the decision to move away from their mainframe. After carefully researching the options they decided to use Modern Systems to migrate their large CA-IDMS based applications running ADS/Online (ADS/O) to COBOL running on SQL Server. Modern Systems began the project with their standard assessment which revealed that of the 48,000 components existing in the legacy system only 14,000 components were actually used. This reduced the scope of the migration by 71% and the information gathered was used to create the project plan with timelines and responsibilities for the automated conversion.

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