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Modern Systems Announces Service Upgrades and New Delivery Platform

Modern Systems, the global leader in legacy language and database transformation, announced enhancements to its existing services and acknowledged development efforts for a new platform designed to change the way legacy modernization services are delivered.The company has been refining its C# translation services since 2007, but made significant changes to the technology’s latest release. “SQL Server and C# are high-growth target solutions for customers moving away from legacy environments”, says Matt Bell, Modern Systems’ CEO. “The new release focuses on driving business value for customer during the translation process, as well as after the transition is complete.” The new release generates maintainable code designed to make the target environment easier to use and more productive.

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BluePhoenix Solutions Adds Financial Expert and Technology Veteran Tom Jurewicz to the board of Directors

BluePhoenix continues to rebuild board with respected industry leaders by electing former VMware executive, Tom Jurewicz, to the Board of Directors and Audit Committee.

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BluePhoenix Announces Fourth Quarter Earnings Call

BluePhoenix announces earnings for Q4 2012.

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Modern Systems Partners with WAZ Informatique to Deliver Legacy Modernization Solutions in Quebec, Canada

Modern Systems, the leading provider of tools and services for modernizing legacy systems and applications, and WAZ Informatique Inc., a company specialized in providing Information Technology consulting services, announce that they have partnered to deliver legacy modernization solutions for several large Canadian clients. These clients have selected Modern Systems for its innovative tools, proven methodology, and global experience to convert legacy mainframe applications to modern open standard platforms.

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Respect The Tech! Our Favorite Infographic for June

We found this AWESOME infographic on the history of programming and just had to share! Check it out!

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National Health Care Organization Modernizes to COBOL Oracle from IMS/VSAM

A national health care organization wants to move to a Windows platform using Java and DB2. Modern Systems is currently converting the database and data from IMS and VSAM while modernizing the COBOL using eavRPM. The resulting applications will run using IBM’s Websphere Application Server. 13 million lines of code were assessed at the start of the project which was narrowed down to 3.4 million lines of code in use.

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National Information Provider Selects Modern Systems to Convert Adabas/VSAM Platform to Oracle

Modern Systems is providing a conversion solution to a leading national information provider. The original Natural/COBOL ADABAS/VSAM platform is being converted to a COBOL Oracle implementation on LINUX. 71,228 components were initially identified for the conversion scope. A proof of concept was completed prior to going ahead with the full conversion.

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Manufacturer Anticipates Conversion from IMS to DB2 with Assessment

A manufacturer completed a mainframe assessment of their IMS database in anticipation of a conversion to DB2. The goal was to fully define the source code used across more than 100 applications. During the Assessment process, Modern Systems analyzed more than 14 million lines of code. The pilot is currently in progress.

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