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Making the leap from VSAM to SQL Server

Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM) is an IBM DASD file storage access method, which was first used in the OS/VS1, OS/VS2 release 1 (SVS) and release […]

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How to modernize your monolithic legacy applications

How to modernize your monolithic legacy applications

According to U.S. calendars, the first official day of the beginning of summer isn’t until June 21, but most schools are already winding down for the […]

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digital transformation

Riding The Razor’s Edge between Legacy Modernization & Digital Transformation

Barry Tait, Director of Modernization & Cloud Strategies, Modern Systems David Tanacea, Chief Domains Officer, Ness Digital Engineering As children of the 80s settle into middle […]

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Analysis tools

Three Ways Application Analysis Tools Can Reduce Costs and Improve Productivity

Guest blog by Paul Holland, VP of Operations, Advanced Your application portfolio represents a large investment for your business. It is a major asset and critical […]

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Automated refactoring of a New York Times application with Modern Systems

Automated Refactoring of a New York Times Mainframe to AWS with Modern Systems

The New York Times had a critical business workload running on a mainframe as the core IT system supporting the daily Home Delivery Platform of its […]

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CA-Telon Image

They Won’t ‘Telon’ on You Anymore:
Creating the Business Case for Migrating CA Telon

CA Telon is a Computer Aided Software Engineering (CASE) application development environment that was originally conceived and designed by Chris McNeil and Don Christensen in the […]

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Modern Systems and Advanced

Why Itanium’s imminent demise further increases the risks associated with OpenVMS applications

Guest blog by Paul Holland, VP of Operations, Advanced The OpenVMS operating system was developed back in the 1970s, and it continues to drive numerous mission-critical […]

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Forrester Now Tech: Application Modernization & Migration Services Q1, 2019 Report

Modern Systems’ Lands on Top Tier Modernization Analyst Report

The amount of interest seen in the application modernization software and services market continues to heat up.  As a leading company specifically focused on true ‘legacy […]

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