North American Rail Company Migrates CA-IDMS to SQL Server

In order to address escalating software costs and a declining pool of talented support staff a North American rail company made the decision to move away from their mainframe. After carefully researching the options they decided to use Modern Systems to migrate their large CA-IDMS based applications running ADS/Online (ADS/O) to COBOL running on SQL Server. Modern Systems began the project with their standard assessment which revealed that of the 48,000 components existing in the legacy system only 14,000 components were actually used. This reduced the scope of the migration by 71% and the information gathered was used to create the project plan with timelines and responsibilities for the automated conversion.

The Modern Systems process does not require a code freeze during the conversion activities and production changes continued while the migration project proceeded. The converted ADS/O, COBOL, JCL and Proc components all execute as COBOL against the new SQL Server database in the Microsoft Windows based Micro Focus environment. The project began in June, 2012, with the database and application conversion delivered by January 2013. Extensive functional and performance testing by the systems integrator has continued for the past year and the launch date is scheduled for July, 2014. The migrated system is 100% functionally equivalent to the mainframe legacy system.

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