North American Technology Provider Converts IDMS to Oracle on Linux

A North American technology provider made a strategic decision to reduce the current and future application support, infrastructure, and operational costs associated with their IDMS-DC, COBOL, and ADS/Online applications. The applications in scope manage and integrate hundreds of very complex systems for a group of related businesses. The company’s goals were achieved by engaging Modern Systems for a conversion to an Oracle relational database and the Dell TPE/BPE environment on Linux which addressed both the online and batch processing requirements. The initial assessment performed by Modern Systems found 37,500 components in the application inventory with only 2,300 actually in use. All of the multi-lingual programming code was automatically converted to run as COBOL on the Linux server in the Dell TPE/BPE environments.

The in-depth assessment revealed additional logical record facility (LRF) processing not included in the original scope. The additional components were brought into scope and automatically converted with the rest of the system. After final delivery in October the client required re-conversion of a legacy component due to some last minute enhancements. The new code was collected, converted and in production by December, 2013.

The converted Oracle/COBOL system is currently functioning with the same performance levels as the legacy mainframe system which it replaced. The client is very happy with the end results and they have achieved their goal of reducing operating costs and removing all of the risks associated with the old technologies. The assessment began in March, 2013 and the converted system went live in October, 2013.

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