Poultry Producer Replatforms Adabas/Natural to SQL Server on ATP

A large poultry producer on the East Coast of the USA needed to quickly and cost effectively move two Adabas/Natural applications to a new platform to reduce licensing fees while application replacement could be coordinated. Modern Systems began the assessment phase in January of 2014, collecting data on the Natural programs, subprograms, maps, and help routines as well as the JCL/PROC streams that make up the two applications. The legacy system, an IBM 210 running z/OS will be replaced with a Microsoft Windows Server environment. The database conversion process began in April, 2014. This step includes converting the Adabas database to a relational SQL Server database using the automated DBShuttle tool. The conversion parameters are guided by the customer to include naming standards required in the future. The customer performs the extraction and load process in their own environment to retain security of sensitive data. The replatform of the Natural applications to the Modern Systems ATP platform running in Windows began at the same time and moves into a test phase soon. The projected go-live date for the replatformed system is June of 2014.

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