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Modern Systems is constantly improving our software and processes to better meet the needs of the users. This often results in new features as outlined below.

EAV Updates

The Enterprise Application Viewer® (eav®) is a tool for viewing an applications structure,
creating documentation and performing tasks such as impact analysis.
Launch Web Shortcuts
Build 20171102 Enhanced the external function launcher to allow website links.

New Reports
Build 20170804 Added new reports including graphical complexity, Halstead complexity, and Category matrix.

JCL File View
Build 20170606 Added a new JCL File View feature to JCL Flowchart. Added ability to see Global use of file in JCL.

Filter Capability on Pattern Browser
Build 20170220 Added the Filter tool to the search results for the Pattern Browser.

New Category Selection Method
Build 20160727 Added a category selection mechanism on the Custom Object browser which allows multiple categories to be selected.

Toggle Dictionary Names
Build 20160517 Turn on or off the display of dictionary names within the Source Explorer content.

Enhanced Object Code Browser Filter
Build 20160219 Added an more powerful object code browser filter to refine broad search results.

Element Dictionary
Build 20151123 Added new ability to clarify variable names by assigning local or global dictionary entries to elements in the Source Explorer.

Export Feature added to Browsers
Build 20150514 Added the ability to copy the results of a search on the Pattern, Notes and Repository browsers to the Analysis Worksheet feature. Added the ability to export the names returned in the results of a search to a text file or the local clipboard.

New Reports
Build 20150420 New reports available: VSAM Statistics available on the Program Metrics report, CRUD Detail report in COBOL or NATURAL.

Enhanced Report Filter
Build 20150331a Advanced filtering tool available on most reports to manipulate the content.

New Report, Add Category Enhancement, New Ignore Capability
Build 20150326 New report available: External Referenced. Added the ability to apply a category to all objects that need the selected object. Added the ability to ignore a list of copybooks during the scan process.

New Reports and Add Notes
Build 20150312a New reports available: JCL Detail, CICS Enterprise, File Detail. Added the ability to record notes on multiple objects at once in the Object Browser.

New Reports and Floating Verb Search
Build 20150303 New reports available: Business Rule Detail, External Reference Detail, Metric Detail for COBOL and NATURAL. Added the ability to search for Floating Verbs in the Object Pattern Browser.

Send to Visio and Section Exclusion
Build 20150227 Add the ability to send objects to Visio from the Object Browser. Sections of the available generated documentation can now be excluded from the final reports.

Data Save in SQL Tool
Build 20150220 Added the ability to save data from the SQL Tool for enhanced customer support.

Enhanced Object Browser with Flowchart
Build 20150218 Add the ability to send objects to a custom flow chart from the Object Browser. The relationship between the objects selected at the time of activation are displayed on a new tab. Alias and description fields can now be added to objects.

Filter by Language
Build 20150206 Added an option to filter the view on the Object Browser Custom tab by object language.

Export Object Names
Build 20140814 A list of the names of the objects in the Object Browser can now be exported to a text file or to the computer clipboard.

Category Detail Report
Build 20140310 A new report that lists the objects defined to each category in the system. The report can be refined to display only selected entities or categories. Summary object counts have also been added to the entity and repository levels in the Object Browser for easy reference.

External Functions
Build 20140306 Links to external programs can be embedded in the Functions menu. This provides a convenient connection to related programs such as IDEs or database management tools that are used concurrently with eav.

Export Version Delta to Clipboard
Build 20130131 Added the ability to output any version of the code available on the Version Delta tab to the Windows clipboard. This enables you to retrieve any older version of the code.

Jump to JCL Flowcharts
Build 20130125 Added the ability jump to an associated EXEC statement flowchart when viewing JCL in the Source Explorer.

Enhanced Object Code Browser
Build 20130116 Added the ability to include or exclude comments when searching the objects using the Object Code Browser. This enhances the search feature by providing the option of an exclusive search of active code the system.

Category Management
Build 20120914 Added the ability to manage objects by category. This feature can be used locally and globally to visually group objects in the Object Browser. It can be used to identify objects that need to be reviewed, or apply internal status flags. This new feature includes a new tab in the Object Browser, a new report, a new administration screen and new right click menu options.

Bulk Export of Documentation
Build 20120829 Added the ability to export the documentation of an entire repository to PDF. This is useful for archiving systems in their current state or providing the documentation to third parties. This feature is accessed on the repository administration screen.

Version Delta - Ignore White Space
Build 20120815 Added the ability to allow the delta generator to ignore white space when performing comparisons.

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