State Government Agency Takes the Plunge with Mainframe Assessment

A US state government agency is currently operating a Natural/ADABAS and COBOL/CICS shop and wants to begin the process of moving to a modern C# and SQL Server environment. As in all smart modernization plans, this one begins with our mainframe assessment service. Once complete, Modern Systems will work with the agency’s internal IT teams to take advantage of our Automated Conversion solution. In combination, these two activities will maximize project efficiency, reduce costs, and mitigate the potential for scope-creep.

Modern Systems’ Mainframe Assessment Services

A Mainframe Assessment is a method of understanding existing program and script components of a mainframe environment before deciding how to perform a modernization (Automated Conversion, Replatforming, Tool-Assisted Reengineering, or Portfolio Optimization) project. A Mainframe Assessment includes full definition of the goals and areas of concentration prior to data collection. Modern Systems uses DB-Shuttle® automation technology to perform a very detailed, targeted assessment of the entire mainframe application environment. This assessment provides the ability to fully define a modernization project plan including assignments, responsibilities, time frames, and costs.

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