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QA: The Make-or-Break of Mainframe Modernization

Having incredible Quality Assurance is like watching a movie with great special effects. If the mainframe modernization experience is flawless, then everyone has done a great […]

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Money For Nothing: Why Mainframe Modernization Projects Fail

Mainframe modernization is all about managing risk- of staying on legacy systems as well as the risk involved in moving to new ones. We asked two of […]

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Mainframe Modernization Scope Creep: Tips for Avoiding A Silent Killer

The expansion of a project outside of the planned objectives is an inherent part of most IT projects- and mainframe modernization is no different. Scope creep is a leading cause of project failure when handled poorly. Pratik Dalal, one of our most experienced project managers, stopped by to give us some tips on how you can avoid deadline delay and budget shortage associated with scope creep.

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