UK Financial Services Firm Chooses Modern Systems for COBOL to Java

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Exciting news from the UK! Modern Systems recently teamed up with a large financial services firm to kick off a COBOL to Java automated conversion and migration from non-relational, legacy databases to relational Oracle Database. The project kicked off recently and will be managed and staffed by team members from across the globe.

Gartner estimates over 70% of the world’s financial transactions still run on COBOL- but that’s not stopping companies from evaluating ways to modernize COBOL applications. In the last year alone, Modern Systems has received hundreds of inquiries from companies seeking to move from COBOL to Java, other dialects of COBOL, or C#. There are plenty of options out there.

Modernization success or failure depends on choosing the right one. Modern Systems has decades of COBOL modernization successes.

Desjardins General Insurance Group leveraged our automated conversion technology to translate over 4,000 COBOL programs and 2.6 Billion IDMS records. Industry analysts have called this project “the largest successful modernization project in the history of the insurance industry”. Read the detailed case study here.

AeroSoft Systems’ CEO Thanos Kaponeridis wanted to modernize their flagship software product from COBOL to Java in a way that would be transparent to their current installed base and enable operational and business goals behind the scenes. Here’s what happened.

Stay tuned for updates as we work to liberate our UK friends from the land of legacy!

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