UK Government Agency Wraps Up a String of Legacy Modernization Projects

Great news from the UK! Modern Systems recently wrapped up a large set of legacy modernization projects with a UK government agency that went live in January. This body of work consisted of multiple facets over a number of years. One task was the deployment of Mainframe Datashare for the replication of IDMS data to SQL Server in near real-time. The most recent task was the modernization and migration of the application that accompanied the replicated database. Originally, the organization sought to re-write the application, but due to constantly creeping project timelines, they enlisted Modern Systems to convert the application. The legacy modernization effort took the application from the mainframe to Micro Focus COBOL, allowing the mainframe to be decommissioned. Our team was on-site to support the turn-up of the migrated application, which went smoothly. With big iron retired and IDMS migrated to SQL Server, the agency will save costs, reduce integration complexity and risk, while increasing visibility.

Modern Systems’ Legacy Modernization Services

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