Webinar: GE Capital Case Study

Legacy applications are robust and the support model works but mainframe license costs are increasingly prohibitive and resources who understand the technology are becoming more and more difficult to replace. GE Capital's most critical application, all 71 Million lines of it, was evaluated and modernized by Modern Systems. Join us to hear the story of how our teams mitigated risk and lowered costs and timelines for this massive project.

We're hosting a series of webinar-driven case studies to help people like you understand the challenges and the processes involved in modernizing large applications and platforms.

Webinar agenda:

  • Market Trends: Top 3 Reasons Why Companies Are Leaving the Mainframe
  • The Legacy Environment: Challenges
  • The Project
  • Assessment
  • Pilot
  • Build
  • Testing & Deployment
  • Return on Investment

We help transition legacy systems all over the world giving us visibility into trends that impact people like you. Please join us for the webinar and download our GE Capital project summary to learn more.

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