Webinar: Know the Details, Reduce the Risk

Mainframes and the applications they house have been around a very long time. Most organizations would balk at the thought of purchasing a mainframe as a new investment, but if they’ve been around for more than a decade or so, those same organizations are struggling with what to do about aging mainframes in their inventory that they know very little about. The trouble is, making changes or decommissioning systems without a full understanding of the impact is incredibly risky, so mainframes stay in place far longer than they should. Any system that acts as a transaction engine for core business functions over a long period will be augmented, tweaked, and extended multiple times by a multitude of developers. The longer the system has been around, the less a company knows about its inner workings.

We're hosting a series of webinars to help people like you understand the why a detailed assessment of legacy applications and databases is essential for risk mitigation, environmental understanding, and proper strategic technological planning and decision-making.

Webinar agenda:

  • Mainframe Assessment - The First Step: What is it and why is it needed?
  • Our Solution: Mainframe Assessment Service
  • Application Understanding - The Next Step: How understanding your mainframe environment can save you money and pain
  • Our Solution: eav®, our Application Understanding platform
  • Case Study: Reducing mainframe footprints, reducing risk, and cost
  • Open Discussion

We help transition legacy systems all over the world, giving us visibility into trends that impact people like you. Please join us for the webinar and download our "Know the Details, Reduce the Risk" whitepaper to learn more.

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