Webinar: Save Your Environment the Natural Way

How to Minimize Risks & Reduce Costs Through a Phased Approach to Natural/ADABAS Modernization

It is often said that the most difficult hurdle in modernizing mainframe environments is the inherent risk involved in making a change to a core business system that “works”. In most cases, the legacy environment is difficult to integrate with, it’s expensive to run, and time consuming to maintain. However, those inconveniences can be perceived as less risky than extricating the business from the legacy system altogether. Thus, many organizations are reluctant to consider modernizing options to prepare for the future. This mentality follows the idea that a code conversion could alienate the employees who spent decades putting blood, sweat, and tears into building the legacy system. There is also a great deal of perceived risk around tinkering with a business critical environment at all, unless absolutely necessary.

Join us for a brief webinar outlining how a phased approach to modernization using Modern Systems’ ATP® product puts the power in the hands of the customer- eliminating the mainframe, removing expensive fees, and enabling end users to perform automated conversions to COBOL or C# themselves.

Webinar agenda:

  • How A Phased Approach Reduces Risk
  • Phase 1: Assess, Understand, & Prepare
  • Phase Two: Reduce Costs, Reuse Talent, Recycle Syntax
  • Phase Three: Save the Environment
  • Customer Success Story: CalPERS

We help transition legacy systems all over the world, giving us visibility into trends that impact people like you. Please join us for the webinar and download our Save Your Environment the Natural Way Whitepaper to learn more.

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