Webinar: You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

Natural Replatforming & ADABAS Conversion with ATP®

Eliminate Mainframe, ADABAS, & Natural Licensing and Support Fees While Retaining Legacy Syntax
Mainframes have been the workhorses of business computing for decades; however, their value is decreasing because they have become expensive, rigid, and stricken with a declining skills base. Unfortunately, the process of giving up on big iron is often complicated, rife with risk, and costly because years have been spent to develop the key business rules in core applications. In the world of mainframe modernization, replatforming is the best way to move to distributed platforms, eliminate licensing fees, and retain legacy source code, allowing existing developers to continue to work with programs they are familiar with in the syntax they know. Replatforming with Modern Systems using ATP minimizes the change and maximizes the usability of mainframe applications.

We're hosting a series of webinars to help people like you understand the challenges and the processes involved in replatforming large applications written in Natural.

Webinar agenda:

  • Market Trends: Why Everyone Is Evolving Away From Legacy Systems
  • Replatforming: What Is It & Why You Should Care
  • Our Solution: Application Transparency Platform® (ATP®)
  • Batch Execution With the New eavJES Feature
  • Case Study: US Department of Energy - Savannah River Operations
  • Our Process: Replatforming Step-By-Step

We help transition legacy systems all over the world, giving us visibility into trends that impact people like you. Please join us for the webinar and download our "You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks" whitepaper to learn more.

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